A Jane's Doodle card

In September, I posted a photo of Audrey on the first day of school on Facebook. While everyone was posting happy, smiling pics of their kids, mine was a little cry baby. Hah! 

My friend Jane saw the pic and prompted to send Audrey some happy mail to cheer her up -- all the way from Croatia! Boy, you don't know how her face lighted up when she just so happened to intercept the mail that day. She was so excited to see her name addressed on a package! 

Jane also included a little stamp (Tooth Fairy Klara) in the care package, I'm assuming it's for mama, so I made a little card with it!

This cute tooth fairy is perfect timing, since Audrey's got another loose tooth! Thank you, Jane! She loves all the goodies and the stamp is adorable!! :)


  1. Awwww...my heart melts!! ADORABLE card btw!

  2. awwwwwww...darling!

    I totally remember that post about Audrey:)

  3. Your coloring rocks. Just sayin'. :)