Hola, how is everyone doing? It's just been so hard to motivate myself to do anything with this frigid weather. The only time I get to "create" is when Audrey is napping. Since it's been so cold, I put the electric heater on while she naps and lower the heat throughout the rest of the house - which leaves a pretty chilly craft room. I'm terribly afraid of the cold being that I'm usually cold anyway, so it really deters me from stepping outside of the warm comforts of the bedroom. So there, that's the best explanation for my lack of productivity the past month.

I haven't been entirely lazy though, most of my time has been spent on photoshop completing projects and designs for other people. But, I did manage to make one card for a special little birthday boy. Happy birthday again, little T-mo!

Stamps: PTI It's a Celebration, SU! Riveting


  1. Love this card!!!! I know what you mean about this cold weather!! I hate it!!

  2. This is such a sweet card! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. This card is precious...and I completely understand about the cold weather.

  4. Happy birthday, Tyler! Really cute card!

    Tsk tsk - even I didn't get a shout out here on my bday. :) jp.

    great work as always.

  5. This is so cute! I just got a package of kraft paper (my first... I know... what was I waiting for, right?) and I just love it!