A special request...

My sister H called and asked me to post some "non-kiddie" stuff. *Scoff!* LOL!

So, here's some of my more *mature* handwork...

This is the menu and favor set I created for my friends Jack and Su's engagement party.

And here's the card I presented to the happy couple

Now this is something I whipped together really quick for Pea when she officially closed on her co-op. My friend Janie and I had already surprised her with a celebratory dinner and a ceramic owl gift ensemble earlier when news of her closing first broke. So, I wanted to stay with the owl theme when I brainstormed what to create. I found these cool customizable coasters lying around and went from there.

Here's the finished set

I made a personalized belly band to hold the 4 coasters together. It's all about presentation, right?

And coaster details... I used bright, happy colors because that's what Pea is - bright and happy! I made sure to incorporate her co-op signature colors red and teal. How'd I do, Pea? :)


  1. i lovee the coasters you made for pea!

  2. The coaster is so cute...I WANT one..haha. All the cards are so beautiful and unique...GREAT WORK!!!

  3. thankssssssssss for my menu, favor & card!! =)

    and i loveeeeeeeeee the coasters, so cute!!!!!