Using scraps

I have paper. Lots of paper.

I reorganized my space, again, and all the loose pieces of scraps were just an eyesore. So, I decided to force myself to use them - a self issued challenge?

Babies. People always have them right? I love making them (cards, not babies) and having them on hand when the next announcement comes along. My sister is expecting her second baby in December, so using her as my inspiration, I used a cute boat image from My Sentiments Exactly. Touch it up with a little paper piercing. I didn't want to overdo it, so I left it at that. Clean and simple. My favorite type of cards! Please excuse the dreary lighting, I was using a point-n-shoot instead of my SLR.

Next up, the Happy Everything set that I coveted for the longest but neglected once it was in my possession. Mostly because I prefer acrylic stamps over wood rubber. I can't line up an image for my life, and the stamp positioner just perplexes me! Go figure.

Not only is my sister expecting her 2nd in December, my nephew will also be celebrating his second birthday. I can't forget about little T-mo, so this card was created just for the little stud muffin. I totally case'd this from a card Pea made for Bee on her second birthday with the balancing critters.

And finally, the last of the bunch... my Thanks a Bunch card. I love, love, love silhouette images!

That's a wrap for today .. from me at least. I am anticipating posts by my team members/dear friends Val and Pea. It's getting awfully lonely up in here posting away by myself. LOL, where are you guys?

PS: Unless reserved for a special recipient, I will be listing the cards for sale on sugarbuffet.shophandmade.com. Please hit us up!


  1. oh man... i really like them all! the happy everything card! and the happy 2nd bday... im such a sucker for thoughtfully handmade stationary

  2. So is that the card Tyler is getting on his birthday?? haha