Vintage Charm Milk Carton Favors

We had a long weekend packed with events -- lots of family, friends, and food! I'm glad to be back in the swing of things, but not quite because Audrey has off all week. It will be a challenge since I have about 12 projects to complete before March 1. Expect me to disappear from blogland once again! I will try to autopost a few while I am here today though.

First up is one of my favorite new dies -- these itty bitty milk cartons from Lifestyle Crafts. If you are into entertaining and hosting parties, you need this! I would fill them up with all types of small edible treats! 

Fresh off the chevron milk cartons (see post below), I wanted to do a tiny bit more layering. Instead of fresh and clean, I went for vintage. Somehow when I layer, the result is still clean, go figure! 

Coupon code : SUGAR for 20% off your entire purchase at Lifestyle Crafts. 


  1. LOOOOOOOOOVE these! I love the kraft with those patterned papers! BEAUTIFUL! LOVE LOVE LOVE!