Paper Smooches: Hot Concoctions

Good Monday morning, I have a busy week of crafting ahead of me, so many deadlines to meet! I don't know why I have been procrastinating lately, totally off my game! I suppose it has something to do with my messy desk. I'm just too lazy to clean it up. Even my little 6x6 square of workspace is gone! I guess I have to clean up and organize first!

Good thing I still have something to share here today...

I'm experimenting with different color combos that aren't my norm. When I work I have absolutely no inspiration pieces in front of me. I really should set up my computer or subscribe to more magazines but I haven't. My process is usually a lot of experimenting -- good thing this one turned out okay! If you like coffee, tea, cups, cute stuff, etc. you can get the Hot Concoctions set HERE.


  1. You totally sound like me! Procrastination is my middle name lately!

    LOVE this card Kryssi! The colors are splendid and I love the LO!

  2. OHHH! I LOVE this! I love the black with black bow!! LOVE the stacked cups! LOVE everything about it! FAB!

  3. So very clever, K! Love this card so much.


  4. sah-wheet. love that set...have the set...need to ink'er up.

  5. Clever design, Kryssi...even in your chaos you create lovely things!