Sunday Shopping

Cameras, both vintage and modern, have been a hot trend in the industry for awhile now. I love that they are still popping up everywhere in the form of cuteness! As an amateur photography hobbyist, I love collecting them!

Holy cute tape dispenser! I will be trading my boring black Staples one for this!
Caught On Camera Tape Dispenser
How adorable is this felt case for your P+S!
I LOVE this! It'd be super cute on my wall if I had anymore wall space to spare!

I got one of these keychain toppers recently. When you click it, the flash goes off multiple times, like a real camera! My kids have been so amused by this!

F-Stop Searching Key Caps

Catch you later!


  1. Fabulous post!! I must share this post with my DD as she is an avid photographer! Hope you are enjoying the summer!

  2. OHHH! Super fun post--I LOVE all the camera images--and you can even get it on your key! CLEVER:) LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  3. what a fun post! that keychain camera is awesome!