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Inside the window

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Super cool texture in the your chick! Love the jute for the nest. And the tiny bird pal for the chick, is so sweet!

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We went to bed early last night so we missed the big news. What a long and painful journey it's been. It's been nearly a decade, but I have to say that the 9/11 attack has changed the way we live here in New York. I always feel vulnerable. I always worry when my husband goes out to work. I'm always scared about potential attacks on mass transit, bridges and tunnels, tourist sites...

Do you remember the botched car bomb attack in Times Square last year? The SUV was parked outside the Viacom building. We were directly across the street for a photoshoot. Thankfully, we left an hour before the madness ensued. And thankfully, the bomb did not go off.

In NYC, it's stressful always being on edge, on alert... but I'm glad yesterday's operation brings some sort of peace and closure. I'm thinking about all the victims down at Ground Zero today... may you all finally rest in peace.


  1. What an adorable card! I am a New Yorker as well. More upstate than the city. I can remember it like yesterday. Here's to wishing you positive thoughts and a little less worry!

  2. hi kryssi! love your card--so much dimension! kim's new stamps are awesome!

    sending you hugs from hawaii,

  3. Oh Kryssi, that card is so sweet! I Love it!

    And, I can only imagine what it must be like living there. A crazy guy flew a plane into an office building here in Austin, and we drive past it a bunch. No where near the scale or the sadness as only the piolet was killed. But makes you realize that you just never know what will happen.

    Sending big big hugs to you --> HUGS!!!!!

  4. okay, now how stinkin' clever is your oh-so-fun card?!!!!

  5. Absolutely CUTE!!!
    And yes, we'll never forget what happens in 9/11. We have all changed our way of living and traveling. So glad that the BIG news finally came!! Sending hugs to you and be strong!

  6. This card is sooooo CUTE, and I hope to be able to order this set soon :)

  7. Kryssi, this card is SO cute!!

    (-: Heidi

  8. This is too cute Kryssi! You are making me need that set now...
    Although I am from NY, I'm far from the city and don't share the same worries you do. But when I did live/work there...*shudder* Thinking of you.

  9. Super CA-UTE window and smiley plant!!!! LOVE IT!

  10. This is so adorable Kryssi...love that little curtain that you created, you really are a talented gal...hugs!

  11. The gingam curtains are too adorable! Fu, fun card!

  12. love love the window scene, so clever! super card. almost forgot that you are in NY. sending you big hugs, my friend. =)