this very moment

Happy Monday!

Well... maybe not so happy. I lost my phone over the weekend. Completely heartbroken. It was my first time... and the worse part is, it could've been avoided. We went to the supermarket, family and all, when we got out of the car, I didn't want to lug the diaper bag so I took my phone out and tried to stick it in my back pocket. Problem was, my shorts were so tight that I couldn't even unhook the button in the back. Finally, I stuck it in Audrey's tiny back pocket. Half the phone was sticking out. I asked hubs to hold it for me since he was wearing one of those cargo shorts with a million pockets. He refused saying it's full... and then there was Audrey demanding to put it back in her pocket. "I wanna hold it for you, mommyyyyy!" So, I gave it to her. When we were leaving the supermarket, for some reason I thought that hubs had it and I was gonna ask for it back while he was unloading the groceries, but I felt lazy and just thought I'll take it back when we get home. Sigh... so it's gone. It must've slipped out of her pocket. We are notorious for leaving items behind in our shopping carts. Notorious! He never does a final check before we leave. Never. I can't tell you how many times we've left stuff, large and small. Ridiculous. Seriously, he/we don't ever learn... the very next day he overlooked Ella's dropped pacifier in the shopping cart. Luckily, I saw it at the last minute! Goodness.

So, there goes my 3 month old BlackBerry. Along with all the photos, videos, and everything. Just everything.

I promise to be more careful from now on. I probably need a neck strap. :(

Today's card echoes my sentiment... but it could certainly be used for any other occassion, not just this sad, sad one.

Stamp: Hero Arts Circle Lace
Rub-ons: October Afternoon Thirft Shop
Patterned Paper: Basic Grey Basics - Manilla (my fave!)


  1. That BLOWS!!! :( :( :( I am so so so sad for you :( :( :( but the card is really cute...

    but so so so sad about your phone!! Maybe it's time to wear baggy everything, like I do!! lol. No purses needed, I got pockets, lots of them... lol

  2. I feel SO bad that you lost your BlackBerry (my DD has one and I don't know what I would say to her if she lose it ...probably something like ^&*# NOT nice!). Think positive... at least you haven't formed a long-term relationship with the BB...But with that said, can you possibly go back to the grocery store and check Lost and Found!? BTW this card ROCKS!! Good luck on finding/getting a new subtitute!! xoxo

  3. bummer...I hate when I do the same thing and forget stuff. Definitely call the store just in case! but I am loving your card!

  4. What a GORGEOUS card. Such style... love it.
    And sorry about your phone. I lost my first ever thing last year - also a phone. I NEVER lose stuff... so much so that I am SURE it was stolen. But i was so so cross with myself.
    But - thank goodness it's just a phone eh. I try to always think of how much worse it could have been when I feel sad... it helps me a bit. :(

  5. AWE...so sorry you lost your phone...such a bummer!! on the other hand...this card is perfect in every way...I so love seeing your designs...!!

  6. very nice card - i am SO sorry to hear about your blackberry. :( i can't imagine, it must be devastating!

  7. so sorry to hear about your phone... that really stinks... you still make beautiful cards though. =) love it! gotta get me that BG pp! have a wonderful day/week!! =)

  8. this card is gorgeous! I love the use of bright red here, and the way you have embellish the typewriter :)

    Sorry abt your phone.. quite a bummer that is..

    have a good week ahead. :)

  9. Oh no that sux about your phone. I hate when stuff like that happens :( But I love your card Kryssi! Its soo gorgeous :)