Hero Arts Sketch

I've been so busy with DT obligations and 2 major wedding projects the last month that I haven't had much time to play along with the Hero challenges every week like I used to. I'm lucky if I can sneak one card in a week now. I've also been busy "nesting". You know, it's that crazy urge to clean and reorganize everything before baby's arrival. I did a ton of cleaning and have gathered a jumbo diaper box full of craft stuff to hand off to friends. The room is messier than ever lol, but at least lot of the drawers are empty and my collections of stickers, chipboards, and ribbons are finally somewhat organized! I'll have to tackle the paper issue when I decide on a small furniture piece, probably this singular Expedit from Ikea.

Or maybe the iCubes units offered by Purple Cows which are interchangeable...

Decisions, decisions...

The new room will be a nursery/craft room for a few years until we transition to bunk beds. Sounds fun, huh?

My sister has been asking for more wedding and baby themed cards, so I actually whipped this up really quick using this gorgeous color combo! I've been waiting to try it!

Stamps: Hero Arts Pop Stems, Papertrey Mixed Messages


  1. OH MY GOODNESS i love this little card. such happy colors!!!

  2. Very cute card-glad the nesting is coming along. That Ali Edwards card is sweet and so is your little artist!

  3. Love this card! The color combo is fab! I desperately need an organized craft space... but we do not have the room for this:)


  4. Love that card! It's gorgeous! I'm reorganizing my room right now and it stinks!

  5. I'm loving this card so so much!! The colors are so beautiful!

  6. So Pretty Kryssi...i bet your excited to get the baby here and your stuff organized!

  7. I wonder if my computer will let me leave you a comment this time?? My computer just booted me off of your page :( I love the style of your work, crisp and bold, this card is a cutie!! Enjoy the nesting, I think it happens because after the birth, you can't manage a tidy house for a long LONG time, lol, 18 years or more...
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!!

  8. oooh this seriously is a great color combo!!! bright pink is a scary color for me, but u rocked it :D