More Birthday Challenges

So many important birthdays lately.... like today! Happy birthday to my sister, J!

Oh, and Michael's is having a patterned paper sale, 7 sheets for $1. I was able to pick up about $10 worth of pretty paper. I also scored some Making Memories paper pads for 14 cents. That's right, 14 cents!!! I couldn't help myself and bought all 7 pads available. The damage was only $1 and change, lol! I also picked up these cute felt flowers for a decent price.

I'm not really into patterned paper for my cards, but I gave it a shot anyhow!

I borrowed this stamp from V and went a little butterfly happy. I think I'm gonna need to add this to my wishlist!

Butterfly Birthday

I know a lot of people go nuts over all the embellishments and bling bling o cards, but me, I will always prefer the simple elegant ones. I think I managed to achieve that here.

[ out for publication ]

Okay here's a decked out bling bling one too. Why not?

Okay, off to make room for all the new papers!


  1. the happy days one is def one of my favs from your collection :)


  2. Beautiful, beautiful cards. I love them all.

  3. Beautiful Cards Kryssi...I hope you win the Ribbon from PTI...I wanted to try but never got time...

  4. love all your cards! beautiful. loving tha PP on the 1st one too!
    i would've bought all the pads at M's too! who could pass up a deal like that! great for sharing & RAKS!

  5. These are lovely-great butterflies!

  6. I am loving your butterfies!!! What great cards too!!