Remember these?

Ahh, do you guys remember these?

I made a lot of DIY stuff for our wedding 3 years ago. Back then, I was limited. I did not have the wide array of tools I own today. Sometimes I really wish we could do it all over again just so I can use my highly sophisticated paper crafting tools and my expanded knowledge and skills!

So, here it is, a little trot down memory lane...

These are our menus which I printed on shimmery pink and green card stock. I punched a little flower at the top and glued a rhinestone in the center.

Our programs, printed on kraft and vanilla card stock. We had a vellum page in there that had a black and white picture of us peeking through the other side. I'll try and get a picture later. I liked that little detail a lot.

And I have to show you our table card holders. The mini bride and grooms had a clip attached to the top to hold the table numbers. What guests probably didn't notice was that each bride's dress were individually designed with crystals, beads, and ribbons. Each dress was unique!

And guess what I found? Our Save the Date magnets!!


  1. I remember all of it! I look back at the time we sat down and used liquid beads for the bride and groom figures - so fun !!! I still have them, i love them.

  2. awww :)

    BB, you should be my wedding planner when i get married :D

  3. You didn't show your usher/place cards =) ~Gin

  4. i remember these well too!! haha the place card holders were adorable! :)

  5. i remember alll of these.. i still have the magnet on my fridge! and i remember sitting there 1 night with u & val doing the bride & grooms... damn liquid beads! haha