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I've been busy fulfilling personal requests for handmade cards and mentally preparing for some bigger projects in the next couple of months. It's all good - except for the fact that Audrey is a little sick. So, everything together has been just a bit draining for me.

Between all the brainstorming for the projects, I try to squeeze in some "me" time and just play with whatever I want with no pressure of pleasing anyone but myself. It is therapeutic!

Here are two cards I made with 2 of my current favorites, Upsy Daisy and Silhouette Pockets

This card I made from a scrap while I was creating Christmas samples for someone. I didn't want to waste a perfectly stamped image, so I went ahead and colored in it with my Copics. I managed to finish this in 5 very stressful minutes, with Audrey hanging on my left leg screaming for attention, just lovely.

Right now, the most challenging phase of all this is photographing my work. I've tried natural lighting in the living room, but that sucks because I can only photograph when it's nice and sunny outside - and I have to hope that Audrey leaves me and my cards alone (not easy at all!). Or, I photograph on my desk with my mess all around. The lighting always seem to be off a bit, even if I do use true color white lighting. I think I need a better lighting situation. Maybe I'll invest in some cheapie photo lighting kits. Great, more stuff to ponder about...


  1. I love the cards, especially the lilac and brown. I hope audreybee feels better soon!

  2. maybe you can take photos of them outside during the day? but they look good.

  3. get me that xmas home stamp set, woman! lol stop stressing and just relax, babes! you're doing great!

  4. before you spebd a lot on photo lighting kits... go to the home store and buy one of their 12" reflectors with a clamp on the base of the reflector (to clamp on the table)... then to the lighting department - get a compact fluorescent light bulb that is DAYLIGHT balanced and at least a 100 watt equilavence. You will be taking pics like a pro....