Booboo Bunnies

These little critters easily steal the attention at baby showers. How cute are they? The girls and I first did these for Kryssi's baby shower two years ago. They became such a big hit! Since then, I made them for my sister's baby shower and had a request to make them for my boyfriend's sister's baby shower last month. People can't get enough of these bunnies! What's super great about these bunnies are, they're rather inexpensive to make and guests can take them a part and use them afterwards because they're made from washcloths!

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make your own booboo bunnies!


12x12 washcloths
glue dots
mini black pompoms
medium pink pompoms
white medium pompoms (optional tail)

How to:

- Lay your washcloth flat and roll in 2 diagonal corners in. It will look like a scroll with two points at each end. Try not to roll too tightly unless you want a really skinny looking bunny.

- Fold the scroll in half, rolled side out so the two ends are together.

- Fold in half again and hold tightly. Tie a 12-15 inch long ribbon around it to make the bow. You want to tie it tight enough so the washcloth doesn't unroll.

- Tug lightly at the flaps to make the ears stand up a little.

- Attach eyes, nose and tail with glue dots. I found glue dots works best because they are strong yet removable. Mini glue dots are perfect for the eyes! You may have to press the pompoms down a little harder so it can attach to the cloth well.

- Make and attach tag. It's optional, of course, but how sweet it is to personalize it so your guests can remember it by. You can get as creative as you want! I originally wanted to string the tag on the ribbon but had a last minute brain fart and decided to use Making Memories button brads in pastel colors (seen above) I had leftover from a previous project. They were perfect and so fitting!

P.S. In case you were wondering why they are called 'booboo bunnies,it's because moms use these adorable bunnies as an ice pack for their little ones' booboos. Isn't that cute?


  1. This site is a tease. I thought someone opened up the next hot dessert shop: a buffet place that just served candy. I guess we sweet-toothers/future diabetics will hafta keep searching...j/k. Site looks great. I have one of those Booboo Bunnies and they are awesome!

  2. Great tutorial!! Yay to first post!

  3. this is great! i'm going to make a whole bunch of booboo bunnies for next easter.

  4. yayyy to your first! :) so glad you are finally on this! <3

  5. testing, testing, 1, 2, 3... yay, i'm on! congrats val for your first post! congrats krys for following your calling!

  6. =) great post!

    i remember making these for k's baby shower... u perfected the booboo bunnie!!

  7. these are very, very cute! thanks valaya for making amy's baby shower a dream come true. we love every bit of details. everyone love them!